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Breast Care Center

3440 R.C. Luttrell Dr. Norman, OK 73072 405-307-2290

Diabetes Center

3201 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 230 Norman, OK 73072 405-307-5730

Heart Plaza

3500 HealthPlex Parkway Norman, OK 73072

Infusion Center

901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 405-307-4038

Medical Plaza Endoscopy Center

1125 N. Porter Ave., Suite 304 Norman, OK 73071 405-360-2799

NRHS Occupational Medicine

724 24th Ave. N.W., Suite 200 Norman, OK 73069 405-515-0960

Norman Regional Home Medical Equipment

200 Norman Center Court Norman, OK 73072 405-307-6620

Norman Regional Moore Physical Therapy

700 S. Telephone Rd. Moore, OK 73160 405-912-3055

Nutrition Center

3201 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 230 Norman, OK 73072 405-307-5730

Oklahoma Sleep Associates

650 24th Ave. S.W., Suite 110 Norman, OK 73069 405-307-5337

Oklahoma Wound Center

3500 HealthPlex Parkway, Suite 102 Norman, OK 73072 405-307-6955

Ortho Central Physical Therapy

3400 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 103 Norman, OK 73072 405-515-8080

Ortho Central Surgery Center

3400 Tecumseh Rd., Suite 301 Norman, OK 73072 405-801-4200

Outpatient Counseling Center

700 S. Telephone Rd., Suite 302 Moore, OK 73160 405-912-3485

Physical Performance Center

724 24th Ave. N.W., Suite 100 Norman, OK 73069 405-447-1571

Vascular Access Center

901 N. Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071 405-307-2568

West Norman Endoscopy Center

3101 W. Tecumseh Rd., Suite 100 Norman, OK 73072 405-364-5900

About Norman Regional Health System

Norman Regional Health System (NRHS) is a multi-campus system that provides for the health and wellness needs of our regional communities throughout south central Oklahoma. NRHS is operated by Norman Regional Hospital Authority, a public trust, which serves the public interests and functions as a political subdivision of the State of Oklahoma. Norman Regional Health System provides hospital, emergency room, outpatient diagnostic centers, medical transport services, physician services, centers of excellence, durable medical equipment supplies, a physicians primary care network, community wellness services and employer health services. Norman Regional Health System brings wellness and health together under one system that provides everything from diabetes-management classes to open heart surgery. Ultimately, we want to get you back on your feet and keep you there, with evidence-based care that continuously strives toward better quality, higher satisfaction and lower costs.

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