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Wellness Testing

Gut Health

Your Gastrointestinal System is the portal to everything else. In order to maintain Medical, Physical, and Mental Wellness you GI System needs to be operating optimally. The premise of treating Gut-health is to mitigate inflammation. If you have symptoms of bloating, cramping, IBS with constipation or diarrhea, brain fog, rashes, joint pain, or difficulty with weight loss then you most likely have gut inflammation. There are two specific tests that we like to look at in-order to better treat inflammation specifically for you.

  1. RAST Testing: This looks at specific food intolerances for your body. By eliminating these for 4-6 weeks we can allow the intestinal lining to heal properly.
  2. GI Mapping: This looks at your specific Microbiome and tells us whether or not you have bacterial/yeast overgrowth, parasites, good digestive function, proper immune system, and/or a “Leaky Gut”.


Your genetics can help the provider and staff specifically tailor a wellness plan for you. This test can look at your genetic SNPs which can tell us what specific exercise plan your body is made for, what specific meal plans your body is made for, and what type of nutrients and vitamins you should be supplementing with.

MycoToxin Testing

Recent studies show that over 100 million structures in the US are infested with mold. As our environments continue to change with more pollution, pesticides, and stress, now we are having a more difficult time with detoxing from things like mold toxins. When these build up in our systems we can experience extreme fatigue, brain fog, difficulty with weight loss, trouble sleeping, autoimmune disease, mood changes, and some cancers. We can tailor specific treatment and detoxifying protocols for those that are positive.

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