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Norman Regional Health System | Ortho Central Physical Therapy at YFAC

Ortho Central Physical Therapy at the Young Family Athletic Center, Norman

Empowering Your Movement, Enhancing Your Performance

At Ortho Central Physical Therapy, now conveniently located at the Young Family Athletic Center in Norman, we’re committed to providing exceptional orthopedic and sports physical therapy services. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle a wide range of conditions, from sports injuries to post-operative care.

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Our Physical Therapy Specialties:

Manual Physical Therapy: Focusing on spine and orthopedic conditions, our therapists employ hands-on techniques to alleviate pain and improve function.

Innovative Rehabilitation Programs: Each sport demands a unique approach. Our return-to-sport rehabilitation is tailored to individual athletic needs, ensuring a safe and effective recovery.

Advanced Dry Needling Treatments: Our certified therapists offer Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) to effectively treat muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions.

Concussion Management: We offer comprehensive concussion rehabilitation, employing the latest techniques for a safe return to daily activities.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: Including the legendary Sorinex strength and conditioning equipment, VALD performance tools, and the Boost2 microgravity treadmill for diverse rehabilitation needs.

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Most Advanced Physical Therapy Equipment in Oklahoma

Ortho Central Physical Therapy takes pride in being equipped with the most advanced equipment for treatment and performance enhancement.

Our facility features Sorinex strength and conditioning equipment, renowned for its use in college and professional athletic facilities for both rehabilitation and advanced strength training. For a more dynamic training experience, we have yards of indoor/outdoor specialized turf, ideal for safely transitioning our post-operative clients to different surfaces and providing our athletes with sport-specific drills.

Our clinic offers access to a full-size basketball gymnasium, perfect for various sport-specific drills and training sessions.

For cutting-edge rehabilitation, we utilize the VALD Nord Board, a hamstring strengthening and testing device that provides crucial data for all patients, particularly those returning to life and sports activities. Our arsenal of VALD equipment also includes the Dual Force Plates, which assist our therapists in identifying asymmetries, neuromuscular imbalances and weaknesses, and the Dynamo, which precisely measures strength and range of motion.

Further enhancing our training capabilities, the VALD Smart Speed Training Gait system uses advanced laser systems to accurately measure the speed and agility of our sports clients. The VALD air bands wireless blood flow restriction cuffs are another innovative tool in our facility, designed to safely improve strength, endurance and muscle growth in a range of clients, from those in sports medicine to those undergoing total joint replacements.

For reaction and balance training, we incorporate BlazePods, catering to all client types, including those in sports medicine. The Total Gym Encompass Tower Power strengthens and improves the range of motion for any body part and any client. Additionally, the MTrigger surface EMG is a biofeedback device that enhances muscle activation and the body-brain connection across various patient types.

Lastly, the Boost2 microgravity treadmill is a centerpiece in our equipment lineup, offering a low-impact, high-efficiency workout ideal for a wide range of rehabilitation needs. This combination of state-of-the-art equipment ensures that our clients receive the most effective and personalized treatment available.

Our Expert Team

Meet our highly qualified team of physical therapists, each bringing a unique blend of expertise, experience and passion to their practice. From sports injuries to orthopedic rehabilitation, our team is equipped to guide you through your journey to recovery and enhanced performance.

David Haynes, MS, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, Cert. MDT: A fellowship-trained therapist with over 30 years of experience in physical rehabilitation and recovery.

Jessica Hobbs, PT, DPT: Specializing in a wide range of diagnoses and committed to patient progress.

Jessica Kuwitzky, PT, DPT: A Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist with a rich background in competitive athletics.

Matt Willingham, PT, DPT, CSCS: a licensed physical therapist at Ortho Central, offers personalized treatment rooted in patient goals, leveraging his diverse expertise and certifications.

Simi John, PT, DPT: A doctor of physical therapy and passionate about helping her patients heal, achieve functional status, and improve their quality of life through education and exercise.

Corinne Gil, PT: A seasoned physical therapist with 47 years of diverse experience across various healthcare settings.

Amiee Pinkerton, PTA: Passionate about sports and aiding athletes in their recovery journey, leveraging personal experience and expertise as a physical therapist assistant.

Daphne Hester, PTA: Committed to orthopedic care and enhancing well-being, with a passion for health and an active lifestyle.

Visit our team page to learn more about our Ortho Central Physical Therapy team.

Your Journey to Recovery and Beyond

Whether you are an athlete aiming to return to your sport or someone seeking relief from daily discomfort, Ortho Central Physical Therapy is here to support you. Our comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, and cutting-edge facilities ensure you receive the highest quality care.

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Ready to start your journey to better health and performance?

Contact Ortho Central Physical Therapy at 405-515-8080 or visit us at our new location in the Young Family Athletic Center.

2201 Trae Young Drive, Suite 105, Norman, Oklahoma 73069

Sports Performance Services include:

  • Comprehensive Sports assessment including strength, flexibility, speed, agility, video analysis, body composition (IDEXA)
  • Bike fitting and shoe recommendations 
  • Sports Metrics ACL injury prevention (pre and post-video analysis following 6 week program) 
  • Speed, power, and agility training  
  • 3D video analysis for any sport to assess injury likelihood and address deficits
  • Return to play testing and assessment using a scientifically based protocol

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